Rocket 21 J2M Safety

Research PhaseSafety

Rocket21 takes the responsibility of keeping our members (and PROs) safe during the time they spend on our platform.

Safety is a 24/7 commitment and the company deploys state-of-the-art safety and privacy systems, including real-time filtering of all text-based conversations; as well as community moderation, content review and approval of photo and video content before the content displays.

Rocket21 is certified COPPA compliant through the PRIVO Privacy Assurance Program, which means that our enrollment and parental verification processes meet all of the requirements of the federal law that governs online privacy for minors.

Student icon Students:

All Rocket21 Student Members should review the Rocket21 Code of Conduct prior to participating on the site.

If a student has any safety concern while spending time on Rocket21, they are invited to contact the Rocket21 team by clicking the SAFETY button (located in the upper right of every page) and share their concern. This will send a text notification to several members of the Rocket21 team, for immediate review and response.

Parent iconParents:

This link provides parents with the necessary information to review your child's Rocket21 activities at any time as well as a dedicated email account for parents to use in contacting Rocket21.

Teacher iconEducators

Educators may use this link for information regarding how to tour the Rocket21 site, as well as a dedicated email account for educators to use in contacting Rocket21.

We welcome your questions, comments or suggestions relating to any aspect of our member's privacy and safety while exploring Rocket21.