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Preparing for the Journey thumb Preparing for the Journey to Mars

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Living in microgravity

  • Astronauts will face many biological and cosmic challenges. Without Earth’s gravity, astronauts will experience a decline in bone density, reduction in muscle mass, changes in vision, and other physiological and psychological effects.
  • NASA is practicing living in space on the International Space Station. Astronauts test air, food, water, and waste systems – and astronauts are making one-year visits to the station while testing and refining reliable deep space systems.

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  • I Want to Hold Your Hand
    Construct a robotic-like hand and demonstrate how data are collected when using robotic technology.
  • ISS Robotic Arm End Effector
    Design and construct a grapple fixture that will enable the end effector to pick up an object.
  • Get a Leg Up
    Use data to explain the changes observed in the circumference of the leg before and after simulating fluid shift.
  • Holey Bones – Activity
    Demonstrate the effects of bone loss during spaceflight and investigate the effects of bone loss on bone strength.
  • Food for Thought
    Explore space food and nutrition through this collection of activities.

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  • Real World: Heart Rate and Blood Pressure
    Learn about the physiological effects reduced gravity environments have on the human body.
  • Our World: Exercise in Space
    Learn about the circulatory system and how gravity aids blood flow in our bodies here on Earth. Find out how NASA flight surgeons help the astronauts deal with the fluid shift that happens during spaceflight
  • Our World: Exercise Equipment
    Learn about the exercise equipment used by the astronauts in space to keep them fit and healthy. Compare this equipment to the exercise equipment we use here on Earth.
  • Launchpad: Food for Thought
    See how NASA technologies are advancing food for crews in space and people on Earth.

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