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If you need help at any time during the project, and have not found answers to the project on, please send an email to: If you are a student and have already enrolled in Rocket21, please include your Rocket21 Screen Name.

PRO and Rocket21 team help is also available in the NASA’s Journey to Mars GROUP. More information is explained below.


About the Challenge

VOICES Challenge Overview

How the Challenge is Organized: The Journey to Mars VOICES Challenge has FIVE distinct phases: Research, Brainstorm, Design, Build & Improve, Launch. Each phase requires competitors to complete a number of steps, which are explained in detail on the Milestones Page. You can access the Milestones on any of the project pages. The Milestones navigation icons look like this:

Challenge Milestones


The pace and timing for completing is flexible, so please move through the milestones at your own pace. One important note: The FINAL milestone must be completed and submitted by midnight on February 29th, 2016. So, it will be important to make a plan for completing milestones 1 through 4, in order to complete milestone 5 by the challenge deadline. (FYI, we will accept submissions until midnight Hawaii time, regardless of where you live). For all the important dates related to this project, please visit the Key Dates page.


Who Can Enter

Any student under age 18 may enter the Challenge. All participants must enroll in Rocket21’s free membership, in order to participate. Rocket21 membership ensures that all students under 13 have been enrolled in compliance with federal laws relating to online privacy and safety, and also allows all participants to have access to PRO and expert resources accessible only to our members.

About Rocket21 Membership

MORE About Rocket21 Membership

High School Students ages 18 or older: If you are enrolled in high school and have already turned 18, you do have the opportunity to enroll and participate in the Challenge. Please email us at and we will help you create your membership. If you are 17 now, but will turn 18 before the challenge ends, there is no problem. Your submissions will be eligible for scoring and judging along with those of other students.


Getting Started

Join the NASA’s Journey to Mars Group

This step is very important, because it is how we know that you are interested in the project and planning to enter. By joining the group, you will be added to the community of students who will receive important updates and opportunities on your Rocket21 FEED, from Mars Mission team members, experts from the National Institute of Aerospace and more.

How to join the NASA’s Journey to Mars Group:

Login to Rocket21. You will land on your FEED page. You will see a navigation bar that looks like this:


Click on the INTEREST GROUPS Tab. 
Type this in the Search Box:  NASA’s JOURNEY TO MARS
(As you will see, once you have typed NASA, the entire GROUP name will appear below).
Select this group and click GO to visit the GROUP PAGE.

Interest Groups

The NASA’s JOURNEY TO MARS group space will look something like this (at the top of the page)
Click the white button that says:  Add to MY PGPS & JOIN THIS GROUP.
That’s it. You are now a member of the group!

Group Page


This will ensure that you receive any posts or updates that they are sending out about the Challenge. This will also make it easier for them to reply to your messages.

How to LINK TO NASA’s Journey to Mars Project PROs:

Go to the NASA’s Journey to Mars Group Page. For now, you will see TWO PROS (Rebecca Jaramillo and Sharon Bowers) pictured there.


Click on one of their pictures to open their Rocket21 Business Card.
Then click LINK TO ME.
Repeat the process and LINK to the second PRO.
As new PROs are added, be sure to LINK to them as well.

Pros Profile


Information for Educators

Access to Rocket21 for Educators:
In order to review Rocket21 and the NASA’s Journey to MARS Group Space, please select LOGIN from the upper right hand corner at
Login Nav
Then, login using these Educator Review credentials.
Screen Name:  r21edu
Password:  r21demo

Educator Login

To access the NASA’s Journey to Mars Group space, please login and follow the instructions posted for students in the sections above.

If you need help to support your students in this project, please email us at or use the project email posted above.