Rocket 21 J2M VOICES Design

Brainstorm Phase Design Milestone

TargetStep 1: Write Your Script

It's time to write your script. Be sure you follow these criteria and constraints:

  • Choose a Format & Style. You may choose to write a script that follows the style of the Innovation Now radio spots, or you may take another approach.
  • Be creative. Consider telling a short story, an original poem, or writing a song for your radio spot.
  • Make sure the script is no more than 90 seconds long. Read your script and time it to be sure.
  • Your word count should be around 200 words.
  • Double check your facts. Inaccurate content will disqualify your work.

TargetStep 2: Submit Your Draft Script

We're excited to see your drafts. Don't worry, you will still be able to make changes in your final script before it's submitted.

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Submit Your Draft