Rocket 21 J2M Voices Build

Build and Improve PhaseBuild & Improve Milestone

TargetStep 1: Create Your Podcast

Ready to create your podcast? Need some help doing this? Go to DIY NASA for help creating your podcast.

Be sure to follow these criteria and constraints as you create your podcast:

  • For a podcast, you will be recording your voice only. Acceptable audio formats include .mp3, .mp4, and .wav.
  • If you choose to record a vodcast, you will be presenting your script in a video format. Acceptable video formats include .mp4, .mov, and .wmv.
  • Your podcast should be no longer than 90 seconds.
  • Use this tagline to wrap up your podcast or vodcast: "For Innovation Now, this is YOUR FIRST NAME from CITY, State." Important: Please use only your first name. Do not include your last name in your tagline.

TargetStep 2: Get Feedback and Improve

Ask others for ways to improve your podcast (or vodcast).​

  • First, listen to your podcast and see if it could be improved in some areas.
  • Then, share your podcast with friends and teachers and get their feedback.
  • Make improvements and re-record your podcast or vodcast.

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