Rocket 21 J2M VOICES Brainstorm

Brainstorm PhaseBrainstorm Milestone

Phase 1 iconStep 1: Think

What do you think? What have you learned about the challenges of preparing to go to Mars, making the journey to Mars, or living and working on Mars? What does NASA have planned for this journey?

Brainstorm and record your ideas to answer these questions:

  • What new technologies will we need for this Journey?
  • What do you find most exciting about the challenges of going to Mars?
  • Why do you think we should go to Mars?
  • What concerns you the most?
  • What should we be doing now to be sure we are ready?
  • What other thoughts and solutions do you suggest?

Target Step 2: Listen to Innovation Now

Now you’re ready to start thinking about creating your script for your Innovation Now radio spot.

Radio is a good way to share your ideas! Innovation Now is a NASA radio program produced by the National Institute of Aerospace. The program airs on radio stations across the country and internationally and is heard by 10.5 million people each day.​

For this challenge, you will create a script for an Innovation Now radio spot and your script may be selected to air on this national program in your own voice.

Have you ever listened to an Innovation Now radio spot? Now is your chance.

  • Listen to at least one Innovation Now radio spot from the list. You may want to listen to the spot several times. They're quick and filled with great information. Jot down some key points that you find interesting.
  • While you’re listening to these podcasts, think about how you want to deliver YOUR message in your script.
  • Consider:
      • What is the main message within the radio spot?
      • How was this message delivered?
      • How are radio spots different than other media?

Phase 1 iconStep 3: Brainstorm Your Ideas

Time to brainstorm again, but this time, think about how you will package your ideas about the Journey to Mars in your 90-second podcast or vodcast. What message do you want to send? How will you make your production script and recording interesting?

  • Create a list of ideas.
  • Discuss your ideas with friends, teachers, and/or your parents.

TargetStep 4: Select Your Idea

  • Choose 2 or 3 of your best ideas from your brainstorm list.
  • Create rough drafts of each idea.
  • Select one idea that combines interesting facts with your own ideas about the Journey to Mars.
  • Tell us all about your idea!
  • Submit the idea you've selected for your script and podcast or vodcast.

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