Dream Green Captain Planet 2014 Winners

Renegade Competition Winners

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You guys ARE … without a doubt … true RENEGADES.

You want to change the world – make people happy – make your mark – and follow your own lead.

We have been mesmerized by your poems, stories, drawings, photographs and videos.
You are brave. You are talented. You are beautiful. You are smart. You are CRAZY. You are POWERFUL.


You all did a fantastic job in showing exactly how YOU are a renegade.
Thank you for your courage, creativity and passion in sharing such personal stories.

Now, about those PRIZES. Every entry was reviewed and scored, according to our rules.
We’ve gone a little nutty reviewing, scoring, discussing, breaking ties, ranking and re-ranking entries that were separated only by tiny fractions. It was THAT close.

Important note about our winners. In most cases, the winning members submitted multiple, unique entries. What is shown on this page is a small sample of those entries. We'll be sharing more on Rocket21.com and our Twitter, Facebook and YouTube accounts.

If you'd like to continue the RENEGADE discussion we've started, login at Rocket21 and visit the CIMORELLI group page.

And now, we’re excited to announce …

VIP National Grand Prize Teen Winner

Vanessa Sun



VIP National Grand Prize Pre-Teen Winner

Karly Reinhold




National Grand Prize Teen Winners

Alyssa Striano, Riley Watson and Hailey Eilers

A THREE-WAY TIE, so we added ONE extra prize package!

Alyssa Striano

Spoken Word

The Renegade

Staying True

Riley Watson

Riley's Journey

Hailey Eilers

American Sign Language

National Grand Prize Pre-Teen Winners

Cori McWilliams and Tori Wilcox

Cori McWilliams

“Turtle Girl”


Tori Wilcox

Ten Ways

Tori’s Story

More Tori

California Special Recognition Winners

$200 plus 2 Tickets to see CIMORELLI in Concert
February 7th at YouTubeSpace LA
Includes Treat & Greet

Layna Corbett

Friends & Family
Video Coming Soon

Charu Vijay

The Environment & STEM Girls
Read Charu's Essay
Video Coming Soon

Johanna Klaiman

Read Johanna's essay

Abby Ross

Abby’s Story

Alyssia Chun

An Introvert’s Story

Natalie Chau

Defining My Way

Denise Koloock

Essay not displayed

Dorene Wong

Essay not displayed

Jessica Yang

Essay not displayed

Annebelle Olminkhof

A Viola Story

Elim Yang

Staying True

Tina Nguyen


Nayeli Ayata
(Director Princess)

A Film-Making Renegade
Essay not displayed

Lauren Pagsolingan

A Renegade Against Stereotypes
Essay not displayed

Yasmin Marquez

Music, Art and Overcoming Criticism
Essay not displayed

National Special Recognition Winners

$200 plus a Rocket21 CIMORELLI Renegade Winner Sweatshirt

Katie Ramdial

Peer Pressure

Destiny Pierce


Emily Heuring


Shivani Desai

Ten Ways - Video Coming Soon

Anais Rivera

Video Coming Soon

Brittany Amano

Renegade for Hawaii - Watch her story


Spreading Happiness

Fatima Mossolem

Essay not displayed

Nicole Spiker

Overcoming Adversity
Essay not displayed

Jordan Malandro

Shattering Stereotypes
Essay not displayed

National Finalists

Rocket21-CIMORELLI Renegade Winner T-Shirt

Abby Bennington (Bennya11600)

Alexis Lujares (Hoajlmtsdlagfan)

Aryeona James (CimorelliFanEdits)

Bionca Ryu (Bionca)

Cara Adams (Justincarebear)

Caroline Ryan (Rose15)

Christopher Brown (CBrown00)

Ciana Fryar (Ciana_fryar7)

Clinton Crites (Clintonetti)

Courtney Proud (CeceChristina04)

Eliora Sturgeon (Ellibellilove)

Elise Mather (Elisebear)

Emily Wilson (EmilyWilson)

Eva Lutke (Cimorelli4ever)

Hannah Sloat (Hershey21)

Hunger Shieldknight (ShieldKnightH15)

Jaima Johnson (Funnysister)

Jacque Kimbrell (TheyCallMeJk)

Jasmine Minor (Jazzbearrr)

Joanna Schwager (Cimorelli_fam)

Josie Rosenthal (JojoR99)

Kaelise Stabach (Kayyy)

Katelyn Ide (Katelynalexis12)

Kelsey Stahlnecker (KelseyS_10)

Linnea Waters (Linnea2020)

Maria Lopez (Punkedjaregui)

Mona Cesspooch (Birdie9514)

Monica Liu (MonicaLiu)

Morgan Winkler (Mofender)

Paeton Pratt (Paeton)

Priya Maharban (PriyaK)

Rachel Clarke (RachelClarkie)

Remi Kamberian (Cimsaver13)

Shayla Zrallka (ShalyBrooke4)

Sthefania Espinosa (Sthefania35)

Tresha Teo (Tresha899)

Zarah Benjamin (Zarah13)

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